The city of gardens, Victoria BC is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest with British settlement at the site since 1843. The Coast Salish First Nations people established communities in the region several thousand years before British colonization and their people continue to have a sizeable presence in Vancouver island communities.

The British established a Hudson Bay Company Trading Post and, under the command of James Douglas, Fort Victoria was a new northern post in case Port Vancouver fell to the United States during the Oregon boundary dispute. The Oregon boundary dispute and subsequent Pig War dispute resulted in the 49th parallel being the border between the USA and Canada on the mainland, before the border detours via the Haro Strait and strait of Juan De Fuca, which separate the island of Vancouver from the United States.

The discovery of gold in 1858 grew Victoria from 300 to 5,000 people in a matter of days as the city became the port, supply base, and outfitting centre for miners headed for Fraser Canyon. Shortly after in 1866 the city became the capital of the united colony of British Columbia and, by 1898 the Legislative Parliament buildings began operation. Historically the commercial centre of British Columbia, once the Canadian Pacific Railway completed its terminus in Burrard Inlet Vancouver overtook Victoria as the leading commercial centre of BC.

A construction boom that ended at the conclusion of world war 1 left Victoria with many Edwardian buildings that contribute to its image of genteel civility within it’s natural setting. The city now hosts a large student population studying at the University of Victoria and a large retiree population who choose the generally snow free temperate climate and relaxed pace of the city.

Victoria… It’s More than That (By Tourism Victoria)

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