We think that we have a pretty amazing approach to travelling. Our approach is centred around the guest experience. You’ve worked hard to have a holiday so here are a few ways we operate a little differently to ensure we provide you with a great travel experience.

It’s YourTrip!

Whether you travel as a group or are guiding yourself, we really want to make sure that a YourTrip holiday is all about you. We provide a great mix of included activities and time for you to explore on your own. With our Adventure for Anyone touring style, we provide suggestions of what you can do in each location. Before you travel we develop a personal day by day itinerary to match your travel style and desires. In addition, on group tours your tour director will be able to give you plenty of suggestions every day. We think that by getting to know what you want out of your holiday before you travel helps you get the best out of your travel experience.

We travel in Small Groups, or let you go Solo!

All our tours are small enough that you’ll be able to get to know your fellow travellers well with a maximum of 18 guests on any of our Canada tours and just 8 on our Sri Lanka tours. Our small group size also means that we don’t overcrowd a place we visit such as a small town, attraction or event. This allows you to appreciate places for what they are, and not just for the masses of tourists. It also means our tour director has more time to get to know you and deliver you a tour that’s all about you. If travelling in a group is not for you, our independent travel packages are still customised around your experience. 

We Include a Lot!

There is much more to visiting a place than just being there – you need to get out and do things in the places you visit to really experience them. We include local experiences in each destination we visit in the price of our tour packages. This means you’ll pay for less attractions and experiences during your tour or holiday as they are already included in your package price. Of course we still leave plenty of time for you to go and explore on your own while ensuring the essential must see and do’s are included. This saves you money and provides real value for money.

We don’t just follow the crowds

We visit all the must see destinations on the general tourist routes, but we are proud to branch away from the beaten track and explore smaller towns and regions where the masses tend to bypass. This allows you to get a different (and we think more holistic) perspective of the country you’re visiting and get up close and personal with local operators and attractions. You’ll have a much more unique story to tell when you get home form our tours, visiting places that others may not have already been. Learn about the destinations we visit with our destination guides and itineraries.

We aim for a Local Perspective

We make a big deal about the local perspectives we provide in our packages and consider the best way to do this is by having local people share their communities with you. What that means in practice is that in each town or city we visit we engage local tour operators, guides, attractions and restaurants to provide you with an authentic taste of the local area. On yours you still have the ongoing assistance of your tour director throughout the tour however each time we do an activity its supported by a local from that area. We call these local experiences!

We Support Local Community Economies

By using local operators we support the local economy in each place we visit. We support just driving a bus into town, getting off the bus, take a few photos and use an external guide to tell you the story. We recommend or hire local operators to provide a local perspective. This ensures that the local communities we visit benefit from our presence. The value you get out of these local encounters is priceless. We also think it’s only fair that we give back to the communities that give us so much in return.