The gentle prairies of Alberta are abruptly interrupted by the rugged mountains within the Waterton Lakes National Park creating a truly beautiful and unique landscape of 505 square kilometres bordering Montana in the United States. Although the smallest National Park in the Canadian rockies, Waterton Lakes makes up for size in its beautiful series of Lakes to which the park is named and is diverse habitat types from grasslands to forests and alpine zones. These regions are home to more than 60 different mammals including large predators including wolfs, coyotes, cougars, grizzly bears, and the American black bear as well as around 250 species of birds.

In 1932 Waterton National Park and its US neighbour, Glacier National Park formed an International Peace Park as a sign of goodwill between Canada and the United States. Later in 1995 UNESCO designated the Peace Park on the World Heritage List preserving the park on both sides of the border for future generations. Packed full of diversity, the park is both the wettest and windiest region of Alberta and one of the few places left in North America where bears commonly range into the grasslands.

The town of Waterton itself is located within the National Park on the shores of Lake Waterton and is home to around 160 permanent residents and is home to a variety of hotels, restaurants and outfitters ready to provide visitors with an authentic Canadian mountain experience.

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