Survivor Down Under: My outback drive for a luxury artesian bath

While it is on the must do list for every visitor to Australia, despite living in Australia my whole life, the ‘outback’ isn’t a place that has ever been terribly high on my to do list. I put this down to a few factors. One, I’m not a camper; my idea of roughing it is […]

Winton: The Birthplace of Qantas

My travels through outback Queensland were planned to be an adventure in following in the footsteps of the history of Qantas. In my planing of the trip I misjudged how much of the ‘outback’ experience there was to see other than simply aviation landmarks. So while my time in Longreach was short, I had to […]

Mihintale – Sri Lanka’s Cradle of Buddhism

Mihintale Buddha Temple

Buddhism is the majority religion in Sri Lanka and wherever you travel in this island nation there are reminders of its significance to the 70% of the country who follow the religion. A short drive from Anuradhapura lays the small village that holds a special place in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It […]

Pilatus: Riding the World’s Steepest Cog Railway

Waking up in the charming Swiss city of Lucerne a beautiful view filled the windows of our loft AirBnB room. Our AirBnB was a few minutes’ drive up the hill from the old town and the view of seemingly endless mountain peaks provided the inspiration for today’s adventure – climbing the worlds steepest cog railway. […]

Windmills, Waffles and Clogs: A day trip from Amsterdam

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you’ll probably be aware that I’m quite the nerd. If you are a first-time reader (hello and welcome), then my next revelation will catch you up with what everyone else is already been thinking for some time. I am an out and proud nerd. To […]

Travel Detour: How an upset stomach gave me time to explore Stockholm

Coronavirus has had me, like the rest of the world, self isolating for the last six weeks. Given that I won’t actually be travelling for the foreseeable future, I’ve taken to listen to a few travel podcasts. On a cold evening walk tonight that was carefully planned between bouts of torrential rain, the podcast I […]

Victoria Falls: An unplanned day in Zambia

Our Journey to Livingstone, Zambia As social distancing laws and travel bans continue it appears to be unlikely that I’ll be travelling much further than my local supermarket for the foreseeable future. Instead of planning my next adventure I’ve decided to reminisce on past adventures that I never found the time to write about. While […]

Whitby: The Shipping Forecasts a Walk Down Memory Lane

When I get into the writing mood, its normally during or just after my holiday. It’s somewhat unusual for me to write about past travels when I’m not currently out there travelling or in the air (or recently returned from it). This post is somewhat different in that isn’t even about one of my most […]