Thinking of visiting Sri Lanka before the year is out? We’ve run through our top five tours of Sri Lanka to sum up the best ways to visit Sri Lanka. Although these are our most popular options, no two tours are ever the same. We carefully plan every tour around each group to ensure your journey in Sri Lanka is all about you.

Sri Lanka Discovery

In our discovery tour of Sri Lanka, we capture the different landscapes, cultures, history and wildlife of this beautiful island nation. Guests experience evidence of Sri Lankan history dating back over 2,000 years. We visit wildlife in their natural settings and enjoy the exciting local Sri Lankan cuisine. We explore the history of Sri Lanka as we trace the various kingdoms that ruled Sri Lanka. There were three main kingdoms before the British defeated the last kingdom in Kandy. During this tour we see and learn about cultural events including traditional dancing and the ancient history of Sri Lanka. We also explore the contemporary Buddhist culture and celebrations and view elephants in the wild. The wonders of the highlands and tea country are also not forgotten on this see all tour of Sri Lanka. This tour starts from 14 days and covers the best parts of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Express Tour

In our express discovery tour of Sri Lanka, the exciting highlights of Sri Lanka are set to a timeline to fit your schedule. Although express in name, the pace each day remains relaxed and over 9 days we provide a glimpse into the various historical, wildlife and natural beauties of this island nation. We experience wildlife in their natural settings and enjoy the Sri Lankan culture. Having a dedicated driver for the entire trip, like all our journeys is definitely worthwhile. Like all our tours your guide is someone with local knowledge and good humor. The guides know when to make small changes along the way to help make your short time in Sri Lanka enjoyable. This tour starts from 10 days.

Sri Lanka Off the beaten Track

This eco vacation will let you satisfy the curious explorer inside you by choosing an off the beaten track to your adventure in Eastern Sri Lanka. The journey is also filled with experiences that allow you to heal your mind, body & soul. Maintain or establishing a wellness routine unique to Sri Lanka as you travel the eastern coast of Sri Lanka as you connect to locals. Be amazed how energetic you feel when you are guided by your own wanderlust. You will explore Sri Lanka in a new dimension, exploring Eastern Sri Lanka off the beaten track. Our guides allow you to drift from place to place where most of the tourists have rarely been in this magical island. This 11 day journey is full of amazing experiences that few people are yet to experience in Sri Lanka – get in before it becomes too popular!

Ceylon Tour

Our Ceylon tour, named after a historic name for Sri Lanka explores the beautiful tea country areas of Sri Lanka. As part of our series of short tours, we trace the British origins of tea plantations in Sri Lanka from Kandy through to Nuwara Eliya. While in the high country we explore the stunning Horton Plains National Park, home to the famous ‘World’s End’. This tour lasts only 6 days but leaves you with memories that last a lifetime. You can step back in time to an era where an afternoon tea at a country retreat ruled the day.

Beach Pardise Escape

Experience a stunning beach escape in the paradise island of Sri Lanka with unique properties carefully selected. Our Sri Lankan beach escape packages ensure a personalized experience in Sri Lanka with small luxury villas. Villas selected are moments from pristine Sri Lankan beaches which are safe & swimmable and also perfect for surfing. This is a holiday where you can enjoy the beach and dine on freshly prepared local foods. We customise this escape to be the ultimate beachside relaxation adventure for you.

We hope this has provided a little inspiration for your holiday planning. If you need more information on any of your tours, feel free to get in touch with us for a free chat.