Mihintale – Sri Lanka’s Cradle of Buddhism

Mihintale Buddha Temple

Buddhism is the majority religion in Sri Lanka and wherever you travel in this island nation there are reminders of its significance to the 70% of the country who follow the religion. A short drive from Anuradhapura lays the small village that holds a special place in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It […]

Valparaíso – A Brief & Interesting History


Valparaíso was discovered in 1536 by Spanish explorer Juan de Saavedra while searching for his supply ship, the Santiaguillo. A conquistador from Spain, Diego de Almagro had sent the Santiaguillo to open trade routes and supply de Saavedra’s expedition. This expedition was part of a Spanish belief that there was greater treasures to be found beyond Peru. On arrival in Quintil Bay, de Saavedra named the region Valle del Paraíso (Valley of Paradise) after his home village in Spain. It remained a relatively small village comprised of a church and a few houses for almost 300 years.

Trincomalee – Sri Lanka’s Eastern Paradise

Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Once an ordinary village settlement, today Trincomalee is a bustling coastal town. It is also one of the largest tourist resorts in eastern Sri Lanka. Trincomalee offers a very diverse tourist experience which consists of almost all types of experiences that a tourist can have. There is amazing local food, culture and adventure experiences to […]

Holiday to Latin America? Our Guide to get to Latin America

Qantas 747 Sydney to Santiago

YourTrip are now offering amazing holiday experiences in Latin America, but how exactly do you get there? This short article looks at what we think are the easiest and most comfortable ways to get to Latin America. The flights to Latin America we’ve looked at is just our suggestions. It’s not an exhaustive list, as […]

Why animal and history lovers wont miss Yala National Park

Yala National Park Elephants

There are few national parks in the world with scenery, wildlife and cultural sites that can match those of Yala National Park. Yala, as the locals call it, is the most visited national park in Sri Lanka. With a history that spans across millenniums, Yala literally has something for everyone. As a center of bygone […]

Bentota Beachside Resorts

Bentota Sri Lanka Turtles

While there are numerous pristine coastal towns along Sri Lanka’s coastline, Bentota is one of the most dazzling. Bentota’s gleaming beaches, diverse restaurant scene and rich cultural heritage gives visitors ample opportunities to experience Sri Lanka. A wide range of restaurants and diverse array of cultural sites provides an immersive perspective on Sri Lankan life. […]

The English Village of the Indian Ocean: Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

The island of Sri Lanka is known for its exotic tropical island setting. Golden beaches, friendly people and diverse wildlife are all hallmarks of visitors to the island. Within this tropical setting in the indian ocean is the last place you’d expect to find an English village. Nuwara Eliya, perched high above the ocean is […]

Mirissa – Sri Lanka’s Favourite Beachside Village

Mirissa Sri Lanka

Mirissa is a laid back beach paradise on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The town is easily accessible from the capital city of Colombo; the journey takes just 3 hours by car. It is also just a short taxi ride from another of the country’s popular attractions, Galle Fort. Mirissa is the perfect place […]