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Meet some of our Team of Travellers

The YourTrip concept originated with an idea to create a tourism product that provides experiential tours focusing on connections, experiences and personal growth. These tours guide travel in a sustainable manner, connecting passionate local operators to socially aware guests. We wanted an option for travellers wanting to step away from current offerings and to share travel with like minded people. You can learn more about our tour philosophy and why guests choose YourTrip’s tours. Our Team work hard both on the ground during your experience and in the background to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Carl Halpin

Founder and Director

Carl and Max YourTrip TeamCarl loves to travel and has been working on YourTrip for a number of years and continue to work on client’s trips every day. His passion for travel has taken him from Australia to North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Europe in the search for great destinations and travel experiences. Turning his love for travel into a business has been assisted with knowledge from Monash University in the Master of Tourism program. In this program Carl conducted field research into using tourism as a tool for economic development and poverty alleviation in both Vietnam and Latvia. A philosophy that is continued within YourTrip.

He’s also pretty switched on to international issues that affect the movement of people having previously competed a Masters of International Customs Law and before that a Bachelor of Applied Science. As owner and product development manager Carl keeps himself busy refining our current programs and developing new ones as well as engaging with clients and partners to ensure guests get a unique travel experience. He loves to hear your comments on the business at or on our twitter @yourtriptours.

Carl has been certified as a Canada Specialist by the Canadian Tourism Commission, a Vancouver Specialist by Tourism Vancouver and an Alberta Specialist by Travel Alberta. In addition to extensive travel across western Canada and great relationships with our partners on the ground, these certifications assure you that Carl understands this part of the world and is ready to share it with you on YourTrip tours. He’s also a South Africa tourism expert with qualifications from South African Tourism.

Thom Jackson

Chief Travel Tester

Thom YourTrip TeamThom has the best job in the organisation as our chief tour tester. He’s out and about trying all of our travel packages before we advertise them to our loyal guests. Thom has also travelled extensively, including trekking to base camp of Mt Everest. Apparently it’s still too soon for him to eat veg fried noodles, but he’s always looking for great new adventures on all our travels. He’ll often be the one who answers your calls and gives you a 101 on what YourTrip does.

Joining our Team

“From little things, big things grow”. We’re arranging with our small group packages (and keeping these groups small) with a small team of dedicated people working around the clock to deliver the best experiences possible. Although our team is small, our extended team of providers we partner with to provide our experiences is extensive with many decades of combined experience.

We are not currently recruiting however future job opportunities will be advertised on this page. Travel agents are welcome to register to become an agent for YourTrip on our agents page and wholesale enquiries are welcome from partners in Australia or abroad by contacting us.