When planning a trip to Sri Lanka you can choose from a range of travel options. These include the length of your holiday, your interests and of course, your budget. Once you’ve thought about what you want to see and how much you want to spend, the next question is when to book a private tour? Should you book in Australia before you leave or wing it and book as you go in Sri Lanka?

Undoubtedly the best way to experience the diverse landscape and culture of Sri Lanka is with a private tour. (We may be a little biased). Sometimes you might want to have even more flexibility, so we thought we’d consider the pros and cons of when to book a private tour. Should you be booking before you leave or on the go in Sri Lanka?

Having a personal tour guide and a customised itinerary means you have the freedom to explore on your terms. Private tours aren’t just about travelling in a private group. They also should not be pulled straight from a catalogue and delivered the same way to every guest. Private tours are customised for every guest and the delivery of the tour is tailored for each guest.

What are the benefits of private tours?


Should I book before I go or when I land?

While many might argue you should wait until you’re in Sri Lanka, it pays to think ahead and book before your plane has even taken off. In peak tourist seasons, spots can fill up fast within tours and hotels and cultural sites can be busy. Getting in early with the tour company of your choice is a must to secure the holiday of your dreams. A good operator will plan your tour, accommodation and assign a guide that will work best for your group.

When you book well ahead of your departure date, you have plenty of time to work with your private travel advisor, who can get to know your travel style intimately. They will tailor your trip to the travelling style of you, your partner or your group to ensure you can make the most out of every minute. They’ll also have some insights as to how to schedule your days to avoid the crowds and get a unique local perspective.

Don’t miss the chance to create a bucket list of dream destinations before the trip has even begun. There is nothing worse than arriving and finding out the hotel you wanted to stay at, or the guide you read good things about are already booked out. The early bird catches the worm and in terms of holidays, a much less stressful holiday. Don’t waste your evenings planning your next day of travel when you can have it all planned out for you before you even take off.

Gain a unique and personal Sri Lanka experience and get the most out of your journey of a lifetime. At YourTrip, we use local guides, personally selected to ensure you have a great tour experience. When booking with us, you get the benefits of our knowledge and experience as well as that of local guides. It’s the best of both worlds.