Pilatus: Riding the World’s Steepest Cog Railway

Waking up in the charming Swiss city of Lucerne a beautiful view filled the windows of our loft AirBnB room. Our AirBnB was a few minutes’ drive up the hill from the old town and the view of seemingly endless mountain peaks provided the inspiration for today’s adventure – climbing the worlds steepest cog railway. […]

Windmills, Waffles and Clogs: A day trip from Amsterdam

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you’ll probably be aware that I’m quite the nerd. If you are a first-time reader (hello and welcome), then my next revelation will catch you up with what everyone else is already been thinking for some time. I am an out and proud nerd. To […]

Travel Detour: How an upset stomach gave me time to explore Stockholm

Coronavirus has had me, like the rest of the world, self isolating for the last six weeks. Given that I won’t actually be travelling for the foreseeable future, I’ve taken to listen to a few travel podcasts. On a cold evening walk tonight that was carefully planned between bouts of torrential rain, the podcast I […]

Zurich: Old Town Pride

After a few days of theatre and shows in London it was time to visit a new country, Switzerland. Thom had already visited many years before, but this is my first time in the land of numbered bank accounts, fine watches, cookoo clocks and delicious chocolate. We flew from London City Airport and landed into […]

Castles of Aargau Canton, Switzerland

It’s been over a decade since I’ve driven on the wrong side of the road and the first time I’ve done so in Europe. Today we collected our rental car from Zurich and went for a day trip to some of the Canton of Aargau’s Castles. Why Aargau you might ask? The day was inspired […]

London, Spice Girls, Hamilton and 9to5

The gloomy skies of south eastern England greeted us as we exited the Eurostar tunnel on the English side of the channel. While the gloomy weather with balmy top temps of 14 lingered for our three day stay in London, it didn’t dampen the excitement of arriving back into London.  Thom and I have both […]

Château de Fontainebleau

Bonjour from Paris (spoken with a try hard French accent) seems like an appropriate greeting to our first cultural day in the French Capital. Today we left Val d’ Europa, the home of Disneyland Paris and took the RER A train line into Paris for the next few nights. Thom and I have both visited […]

OnDestination: Utrecht’s Dom Tower Climb

As I climbed the 465 mostly stone steps to the top of the Dom Tower in Utrecht, my mind boggled at the thought that these stairs have been climbed and used to watch over Utrecht for over six hundred and thirty years! Despite surviving for three times longer than my home country has been colonised […]