Private Tours

We specialise in small group travel experiences connecting our guests with local operators for some amazing journeys. These groups are made up of strangers who meet on the tour and often will become friends after the experience. If however you would prefer something a little more private or our current departure dates don’t work for you, we can arrange our tours as private tour with a supplement payment. If this is something that might interest you, contact us directly on 1300 793 787 for more information.

Special Interest Groups

If you already have a group, perhaps a community group, special interest group or sports club and would like us to do all the planning of your next getaway feel free to get in touch. Some of our destinations are limited to smaller groups however we are happy to work with you to develop a private group package suitable to the needs of your group. We are YourTrip and we are all about you! If a private group tour is something you are looking for, contact us directly for more information on 1300 793 787.