YourTrip’s Experience Canada program offers small groups a unique travel experience to the western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. YourTrip’s tours provide interactive and sustainable experiences rather than simply taking people to a destination. YourTrip’s tours are aimed to provide connections, experiences and hopefully some personal growth for guests.

YourTrip is growing its list of ‘experience suppliers’ adding more options for guests. Local BC photographer Mark Vukobrat operates A long time Victoria BC resident with a passion for hiking in British Columbia, Mark describes Victoria as “one of the world’s great small cities”. On guided hikes around Victoria ranging from between 1km and 5.5km, guests can experience the natural beauty of Victoria as Mark shares his favourite vistas and Victoria’s hidden gems.

The group touring philosophy of YourTrip is that although you travel as a group, each itinerary is custom made for each guest. The addition of to our experience list means guests with a passion for hiking or photography have another activity we offer to an already experience rich itinerary.

YourTrip believes that travellers don’t need to be able to climb Everest or share hostel dorms to have an adventure experience. To have an adventure means to experience something new, and YourTrip provides adventure style tours that are suitable for almost anyone. The base itinerary comes loaded with over 21 experiences in the cost of the tour, providing amazing value. Once the itinerary is personalised for each guest, YourTrip travellers can experience adventure travel in a style that suits their needs; Adventure for Anyone!

If you’re interested in adding a hike around Victoria BC with let us know and we’ll arrange for it to be added to your itinerary. You can learn more about at their website

Adventure for Anyone: Guided Hikes in Victoria BC
Mount Douglas on a hike by Photo: