We’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get from guests so you can learn more about who we are and what we do before you travel with us. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you. Also don’t forget to learn about YourTrip and about our tours!

What is Adventure for Anyone

Adventure for Anyone is our touring concept whereby we customise your itinerary each day so you get more of what you want out of your holiday. You can learn more about the Simplicity of Adventure for Anyone or the Adventure for Anyone basics by clicking the relevant links.

How fit do I need to be?

Our tours are not just about looking at destinations as they go by a bus window, they are about getting out and about experiencing a destination. Thus a certain level of fitness and mobility is required to participate in the tours. Our Adventure for Anyone tour style does allow us to customise many activities to suit your individual needs, which we will discuss with you before you travel. Guests should be comfortable being on their feet walking for a few hours at a time, be able to navigate uneven surfaces and be able to carry your own bag.

Guests over the age of 70 must obtain a medical clearance from their doctor prior to travel (We apologise for this, but unfortunately our insurance requires this).

What do you mean by small group?

Our group size is 2 to 3 times smaller than some other tour operators. The maximum size of any of our groups is 18 guests however on some tours we can operate with much less. This gives you more personal space, more time with your guides and less feeling like you’re a landing party invading a destination.

Are groups escorted from Australia?

Our tours are currently not escorted from Australia to our destinations. Our tours depart from designated points and guests are required to meet the tour guide at the departure point. We can arrange assistance for you on arrival in the destinations such as airport transfers if required for an additional fee however we don’t travel with you on the flight to Canada. If you would like to be escorted from Australia contact us directly to arrange a private tour with us.

What is the Average Age of the group?

We consider age to just be a number and don’t restrict access to our tours based on how many years you have been wandering around the planet. Our tours are customized for each guest which allows every guest to get an experience that suits their needs. Our tours are soft-adventure based meaning that we do get out and about and experience more of the destination than just looking at it but you don’t need to be able to climb Mt Everest to participate (See How Fit Do I need to Be? above).

We are not a party tour for gap year experiences and instead cater to mature guests looking for a life changing experiences and connections with locals around the globe. The best way to see if our tours suit your time of life is to have a look at our itinerary, explore where we go and what we do and then get in touch with us for a chat to see how you’ll get what you want out of your tour.

What standard are the hotels?

Our hotels are generally rated between 3 and 4 stars across our tours however some hotels exceed this rating and some may fall slightly below. As we travel to many small communities we ensure we provide high quality accommodation in each destination we visit, acknowledging that small communities generally don’t have five star luxury resorts. The hotels used are listed in the itinerary and many have brief biographies on our website so you can see what you are getting upfront.

Do the Hotels offer Self Catering Facilities?

We pride ourselves on getting you out and about and mixing with locals in the destinations we visit instead of slaving over a stove in a hotel room. Thus the hotels we use generally do not have self catering facilities such as a kitchen. Most however have kettles and/or small fridges within the rooms and some hotels will also have a microwave within the room. There are plenty of dining options available around the hotel for you to be able to find food suited to your needs without having to cook within the room. So take a break from the cooking on your tour and enjoy the great culinary delights in the destinations you are exploring.

Where can I Do some Laundry?

Run out of clean socks and undies? No worries! Most of the hotels we visit provide a laundry service at reasonable rates to keep you feeling fresh during the tour. Some of out hotels also offer self service coin operated laundry facilities available for use by guests. The following hotels have coin operated laundries:

Do you have allocated seating Plans?

No. As our groups are small we don’t consider it necessary to follow strict rotating seating plans when travelling. Our guests build relationships with other travelers and respect everyone’s right to a fair share of the window seats. The guide may mix up the seating if needed however generally we don’t have rotating seats on every journey. There is also plenty of time off the coach to get out and experience the destination included in our tours rather that just looking out the windows.

How much luggage can I take?

You can take 1 piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 23kg plus a small carry on bag for day use or on the coach. We limit the weight of your luggage so we can use smaller coaches and alternate transport options to show you our destinations. It may not sound like much, but consider that the average Australian washing machine holds 7.5kg of washing, you can easily pack 3 loads of washing within your 23kg allowance (that’s about 35 shirts per wash!).

What Safety / Emergency Facilities are available?

The standard of health facilities in Canada is comparable with that in Australia. Visitors who seek medical attention in Canada should be prepared to pay in full at the time the service is provided. This includes dual nationals who may not be eligible for free Canadian healthcare due to provincial residential requirements. There is no reciprocal health care agreement in place between Australia and Canada. We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any overseas medical costs, including medical evacuation, before you depart. The emergency number for assistance in Canada is 911.

How does Tipping Work?

Tipping in Australia is not a common practice and thus some guests find the process confusing when overseas. Wages in hospitality roles in some countries are sometimes lower with a portion of workers take home pay being made from tips paid by customers in addition to the cost of the service (such as a meal). Tipping is customary across Canada and is not included in the total price of our tours. The choice of how much to tip people that assist you on your journey is yours to make, however we recommended discussing tipping with your guide to understand the applicable rate of tip in the destinations we visit.

Are children permitted on the tours?

We don’t restrict children from our tours however many of the group activities we participate in may not be what small children want out of a holiday. We consider that children under 14 may seek a different experience to what we offer however we are happy to work with you on a private tour if you have a younger family travelling with you. All children are required to meet the same behaviour standards as our adult guests.