Discover Sri Lanka Tour

Discover Sri Lanka Tour Elephant Safari Small Group Tour

Discover Sri Lanka Tour In our discovery tour of Sri Lanka, we capture the different landscapes, cultures, history and wildlife of this beautiful island nation. Guests experience evidence of Sri Lankan history dating back over 2,000 years, visit wildlife in their natural settings and enjoy the exciting local Sri Lankan cuisine. We explore the history […]

Discover the YourTrip Travel Style

Discover the YourTrip Travel Style

We know that there are many options available for your next holiday with many tour companies providing a range of touring options each with their pro’s and con’s. We think that we have a pretty amazing tour, and here a a few reasons why we think this. Small Groups All our tours are small enough […]

Destination Guide: Calgary

Calgary Shopping

Calgary Calgary with its cowboy feel and just over 1.2 million inhabitants is the third largest municipality in Canada. Calgary and its attractions are where you’re more likely to feel like a cowboy than anywhere else in Canada. Settled by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1875 the city has grown on the back of […]

Adventure for Anyone (Well Almost Anyone)

Here at YourTrip we believe that travellers don’t need to be able to climb Everest or share hostel dorms to have an adventure experience. We think that having an adventure means to experience something new. We provide adventure style tours that are suitable for almost anyone. We call this ‘Adventure for Anyone‘*. It doesn’t matter […]