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Latin America, the often misplaced destination on a globe trotters bucket list. Not a continent in itself, Latin America is a collection of countries. The romance languages of Spanish, Portuguese and French are spoken widely across the South American continent. The Andean mountain range forms a spine connecting many Latin American countries together such as Peru, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. Landscapes from lush, warm rainforests to freezing glacier capped mountains and some of the driest deserts on earth form this amazing collection of destinations. This is Latin America.

We offer a number of diverse and exciting Latin American private holiday tours. People from all over the world enjoy visiting this beautiful region. As with all our tours, we do much more than just shuttle you to and from the iconic tourist attractions. Instead, we consciously curate tours that provide authentic, unforgettable experiences.

When you choose to travel with Your Trip, we make sure that you leave Latin America with a rich knowledge and understanding. We explore the culture, landscapes, history and people. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our packages for travel in Latin America.

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With such a diverse mix of countries and landscapes, there is something for everyone in Latin America. The Andes mountains are popular with many visitors. The Inca remains in Peru and the beautifully sparse deserts of Chile and Bolivia are must see destinations. Travel a little further north and you can explore the lush Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. A short flight offshore allows guests to experience the wonder of the Galapagos Islands. Whatever the time of year, there is a destination waiting for you to travel to across Latin America. We look forward to welcoming you to Peru, Ecuador and more Latin American destinations as we plan your perfect holiday package.

Whether you choose one or many destinations in Latin America, or prefer to experience this gorgeous part of the world with our private tours, we introduce you to Latin America in a way that many people only ever dream about.

Why let us plan your Latin America Holiday?

Your Trip designs private tours that suit your interests, budget and needs. We know that everyone likes to travel differently, so we make sure our range of tours are personalised and completely perfect for you.

Regardless of where you travel with us to, you can countdown to your trip knowing that it will be the experience of a lifetime. Each day you will be immersed in the authentic culture of your chosen destination. You’ll be experiencing iconic attractions such as historic landmarks and World Heritage Sites and the hidden gems that only locals know about.

Our focus on private and small group tours, combined with sustainable tourism practices means every detail is consciously planned and carried out. We use local tour guides to support the tourism industry and ensure every aspect of your tour is done with the utmost respect to local cultures. By the time you leave, you will have gotten an authentic taste of what Latin America is really about.

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Your Trip gives you the chance to enjoy guided tours in a way that suits your personal budget, interests and needs. Get in touch with us today to enquire about any of our luxury and experiential tours of Latin America and hear how we can show you the experience of a lifetime.

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