DAILY TOUR SYNOPSIS: Day 2 – Waterton Lakes National Park

The second day of our tour is spent in Waterton Lakes National Park. Today guests experience our ‘Adventure for Anyone’ tour philosophy first hand. During the morning the group explores Waterton Lakes National Park as a group on a hike led by skilled guides from Waterton Outdoor Adventures. During the afternoon individual schedules are customised for each guest with a variety of options available, each tailored to the desires of each guest.


A hearty breakfast welcomes guests as they wake from their first night in the Waterton Lakes National Park. The days are long during summer with sunrise around 6am and twilight starting much earlier giving guests long days to experience Canada. We wont drag you out of bed at dawn however guests may want to watch the sunrise as the light hits the majestic mountains and lakes before enjoying breakfast within their hotel.

Founded in 1895 Waterton Lakes National Park is the smallest national park in Canada. Waterton makes up for its small size with the biodiversity that the park encapsulates. The township was established in 1901 after oil was struck in the nearby Cameron Valley, with land available for rent from the Canadian government for as little as $10 per annum or $15 for waterside lots. Waterton and Glacier National Park in the US joined to form an international peace park in 1932 before gaining UNESCO World Heritage status in 1995.

With some prior knowledge of the area from our cruise yesterday, this morning the group embarks on a hike in the national park under the direction of experienced guides from Waterton Outdoor Adventures. Our guides select a return trip course of about 3.5 hours exploring the national park on foot with possible destinations including Bertha Falls, Lower Rowe, Crandell Lake, Wall Lake and Bears Hump.

Arriving back in the township of Waterton Lakes the afternoon will be planned for you or free for you to do your own exploring as part of our Adventure for Anyone tour philosophy. After the hike you might be a little hungry so you could get yourself a local hotdog at the popular Weiners of Waterton or for something a little larger the Grizz Café and Steakhouse could fill you up. The township is small and all accessible easily by foot so there is something around the corner for everyone.

Our team speak to you prior to the tour commencing to learn about what you are looking for on your holiday. In the afternoon each guest will have attractions or experiences recommended just for you and your budget. For those seeking more outdoor adventures we may recommend another trip into the national park, but this time using horses as your transport instead of doing the footwork yourself.

Alternatively for those wanting to relax and take in the views an afternoon tea at the historic Prince of Wales hotel overlooking the lakes may suit you. Other options include exploring the township, having a drink with some other visitors to the park or for the more experienced, another hike or paddle within the park or its lakes.

Whatever your adventure style we will do our best to find what it is you are looking for in the Waterton Lakes National Park by connecting you with local operators to give you a local experience. The day concludes when you decide to call it a day with no group commitments tonight. We are on hand to recommend places to dine in the evening or even join our guide in a casual dinner setting at a local restaurant chosen by your guide on the day.

The sun doesn’t set until around 10pm with twilight extending a little later so there is plenty of time to fit in the last of Waterton. Perhaps you will see a local show by the Teenie Weenie Theatre Company if they are performing before curling into your comfortable bed ready for the next day of adventures.





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