Buddhism and Elephant Gathering Safari

Jeep Safari Elephant Gathering Sigiriya Tour

Buddhism and Elephant Gathering Safari After a delightful breakfast, we leave Anuradhapura to explore the birthplace of Sri Lankan Buddhism. Mintale’s rocky outcrop monastery is where Buddhism was first established in the country. We travel to Sigiriya for lunch and relax by the pool or take a stroll in the nearby village to escape the midday heat. […]

The Best East Coast Road Trips

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HikeVictoria.com adds to Adventure for Anyone offering

Adventure for Anyone: Top of Gowland on a guided hike by HikeVictoria.com

YourTrip’s Experience Canada program offers small groups a unique travel experience to the western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. YourTrip’s tours provide interactive and sustainable experiences rather than simply taking people to a destination. YourTrip’s tours are aimed to provide connections, experiences and hopefully some personal growth for guests. YourTrip is growing its […]

Stanley Park Seawall – Six Tips for Your Visit

Stanley Park Seawall - Lions Gate Bridge

The Seawall at Stanley Park – Our Six Tips Stanley Park is one of the world’s best urban parks located a stones throw from downtown Vancouver. Here is YourTrip‘s six favourite stops along the seawall and why you should hop off the bike for a few minutes and take them in. Deadman’s Island Ancient burial grounds, […]

Stanley Park Cycling Tour

Stanley Park Vancouver

Spectacular, beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking and amazing are all words that I have used to describe the city of Vancouver. If you haven’t been there, add it to the list of places you must visit as you wont regret it. In this article YourTrip’s company directory takes you to one of the highlights of the city, Stanley Park. […]

Frank Slide Interpretive Center

The Experience In the early hours of April 29, 1903, some 82 million tonnes of limestone let loose from the east face of Turtle Mountain and hurtled down on the unsuspecting valley below. It partially buried the town of Frank, dammed the Crowsnest River and destroyed the local coal mine’s infrastructure. You can still see […]